Fathom - Original Acrylic Painting by Artist Carolina Lebar


Original Acrylic Painting


An original acrylic painting of a mermaid, by artist Carolina Lebar, for a group collective show, ‘Of Salt and Sea’ Art Auction.

MEDIUM – 8″ x 10″ painting on archival paper.

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My friend,

If by some chance you find yourself lost among an unforgiving sea, I beg you, tread carefully.

If you think you see a light saving grace, think twice, as not to become drawn in to her sparkling gaze.

For if she finds you first, your last night will be filled euphoric; drawn in by her eyes, her voice, her song.

And you’ll hardly feel the ebb of your life leave you as you descend.

All the while hearing the siren call power over souls in her waters.

You suddenly find Fathom.

Prints Available

8″ x 10” (20cm x 25cm)
11″ x 14” (28cm x 35cm)

All fine art prints are high quality; printed with archival inks and paper.

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