The Beholder - Original Illustration by Artist Carolina Lebar

The Beholder

Original Pencil Illustration


“The Beholder” is an original pencil illustration by artist Carolina Lebar. It was an 8″ x 10″ on arches paper, it debuted and sold at Dragoncon 2018.

Available Print Sizes

8″ x 10” (20cm x 25cm)
11″ x 14” (28cm x 35cm)

All fine art prints are high quality; printed with archival inks and paper.

The Beholder

In Greek mythology, ravens are associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy. They were thought to be a symbol of bad luck, and were the god’s messengers in the mortal world. According to the mythological narration, Apollo sent a white raven, or crow in some versions to spy on his lover, Coronis. When the raven brought back the news that Coronis has been unfaithful to him, Apollo scorched the raven in his fury, turning the animal’s feathers black. That’s why all ravens are black today.

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